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One of the top concerns that we hear from patients is what can be done to manage pain and anxiety during dental treatment. Many patients are apprehensive about making dental visits because they are fearful of experiencing discomfort while work is conducted. Other patients may simply feel somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of work being done inside the mouth. In these situations, dental sedation can be helpful.

Dental sedation refers to any method that is used to help manage pain or keep a patient comfortable during dental treatment. Sedation may be used when a patient has significant anxiety about dental treatment. By using sedation correctly, we can help make treatment substantially easier for patients. At Stein Family Dentistry, we offer local anesthesia and laughing gas.

Local Anesthesia

A local anesthetic is applied to the immediate area of dental work. It will numb the area and prevent the patient from experiencing pain while a procedure is conducted. The patient should feel the area go numb, but they will not experience any additional effects at all. A local anesthetic should not have any effect on a patient’s current mental state, and it will produce no lingering effects following the procedure. It is important to remember that local anesthesia does nothing to directly reduce a patient’s anxiety; however, many patients still take comfort in knowing that a local anesthetic will prevent them from experiencing pain during treatment.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas refers to an inhaled vapor that is administered immediately prior to and during treatment. The patient will wear a special mask over their nose and then breathe the gas in through their nose. The substance will go into effect very quickly, and it will greatly reduce any fear or anxiety that the patient had been experiencing. The patient will then remain calm throughout the treatment, while still being completely aware of their surroundings. Once the gas is no longer being administered, the patient should return to normal very quickly thereafter. Laughing gas is incredibly safe, and it is highly effective for managing anxiety for various dental procedures.

Dental sedation may be able to help you during your next treatment. Make sure to ask our experts about receiving a local anesthetic or laughing gas to help manage your pain or anxiety while dental work is being completed. Please call us at (509) 747-5586 to schedule an appointment.

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    “I went in today, after having the same dentist since I was a child. She retired, and Dr. Stein took her place. I was fearful, as I think trust is important in a dental relationship. I met Dr. Stein for the first time, and he put me at ease. Very professional, listened to my concerns, and did a painless filling and other services. I would highly recommend Dr. Stein if you are looking for a new dentist. Glad to see some of the same staff remaining as well.”

    Lisa J.
    Lisa J.


    “I went in today for an X-ray and exam and I got so much more! Considering my dental insurance hasn’t kicked in yet I knew it would be expensive that being said I didn’t know what all I’d be getting done, when being told that I needed a root canal I was more than nervous about it (concerned about the cost) Dr. Stein Totally worked with my budget and set me up with a payment plan. Throughout my time there he kept saying “let’s get you out of pain first” He got me in a chair right away and took care of the root canal on the spot. I thought that was Quite impressive considering that some places will have you schedule another appointment with them For a later date, so with all that being said I’m very happy with his work even more so, happy that I’ve found a dentist. Feels good to be a part of the family.”

    Shatara F.
    Shatara F.


    “Everyone in this office is very friendly and caring; having an appointment here is always like visiting with friends! Met Dr. Stein for the first time today, after having had the same trusted dentist for many years. Dr. Stein seems very pleasant and gentle. Will be happy to continue my dental care here.”

    Janer M.
    Janer M.

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