Answering Frequently Asked Questions

The practices of general dentistry had changed significantly. Gone were the days when dentistry was a part of a barber’s job. Today, it continues to progress, providing people with all their dental needs. However, for some who do not understand the importance and role of general dentistry in maintaining one’s dental health yet, we made a list of the frequently asked questions about it along with its corresponding answers.

General dentistry services are offered widely. And sometimes, it’s confusing to discern who provides the best services. However, at Stein Family Dentistry, patients are rest assured a reliable and top quality General Dentistry services. Our primary goal is to give patients excellent dental care that they deserve. Under general dentistry services are regular checkups, tooth-colored fillings, sealants, inlays and onlays which will all protect and improve teeth condition. Stein Family Dentistry worked hard to give patients a comfortable dental experience!

General Dentistry FAQS

Who is responsible for performing general dentistry services?

The general dentists take responsibility for all the general dentistry procedures. They are considered as the primary care provider. All general dentists practicing their career have earned a certain degree in dental surgery or dental medicine.

What do the general dentists do?

The general dentists are the ones who develop an oral hygiene plan. They diagnose, treat, and monitor the overall oral health of the patients. The work of the general dentist may incorporate dental examination, tooth cleaning, and other preventive care services that will help in preventing tooth decay and other mouth diseases.

What is the focus of general dentistry?

General dentistry aims to maintain the health of the mouth, teeth, and gums of the person by providing basic oral care and treatments such as dental fillings, sealants, inlays, and onlays.

When to set a general dentistry appointment?

Visiting a general dentist every six months is necessary to keep optimum dental health. The dentist will give a thorough cleaning to the teeth to eliminate plaque and tartar build-up. Also, the dentist will assess the patient’s dental conditions and provide early treatments if there are any potential oral problems while these are still small to avoid spending more on an expensive procedure.

What is the difference between amalgam fillings and composite fillings?

The two differs in terms of materials used. Amalgam fillings use a mixture of mercury, tin, copper, and silver as a durable filling while composite fillings are made of a ceramic and plastic compound. Amalgam fillings, when compared to composite fillings, are economical and long-lasting; however, some still opt for composite fillings due to its invisibility.

Why do dentists use x-ray?

X-rays are used by the dentists to detect cavities, jaw injuries, and other oral irregularities that are hard to identify. Using an x-ray will give dentists factual findings. Today, digital x-rays are more common than a traditional x-ray which uses films.

What is the best treatment for tooth decay?

The best way to prevent tooth decay is by getting dental sealants. The sealants will cover the chewing teeth surfaces to prevent food debris from residing in the teeth. Usually, sealants last up to ten years, but a regular dental checkup is needed to make sure that they are not chipped or worn.

Why are professional dental cleanings important?

During the dental cleaning procedure, it is not only the teeth that will be cleaned, but the dental hygienist will also give a deep cleaning to the gums and the entire mouth. Benefits of dental cleanings done at the dentist’s office include tartar removal, gum disease prevention for healthier mouth, teeth, and gums.

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