A Guide to Root Canal Treatment in Spokane

When there is an infection on the tooth, the dentist may recommend a root canal. Although it may sound scary to undergo such, the treatment is not intended to cause you tremendous discomfort. Our goal at Stein Family Dentistry is to rather save the infected tooth. We believe that a root canal treatment is the best approach to eliminate the bacteria and dead nerves that are considered as the main culprits of tooth pain.

There are several steps that our dentist at Stein Family Dentistry usually follows when performing a root canal therapy. To know more about what to expect during the procedure, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Giving patients a feeling of easiness and maximum comfort is our top priority here at Stein Family Dentistry. So before the process, our dentist will first inject local anesthesia near the affected tooth to numb it. Once ready, it will then be isolated with a small piece of rubber dam. By doing so, the tooth will stay clean and dry during the procedure.
  • To gain access inside the infected tooth, the dentist will create a small opening on the top surface through the use of certain dental tools. A small file will then be utilized to remove the damaged pulp. The inner chamber of the tooth will be shaped using the same file. To ensure that there is no diseased pulp left, the dentist might flush the chamber with water. Sometimes, an antimicrobial solution is administered to halt further infections.
  • The next step is when the dentist will fill in the hollow chamber with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material. A permanent crown is necessary to close the opening of the tooth, but while the patient waits for the dental crown to be made, a temporary filling will be applied.
  • Weeks after the procedure, the patient needs to go back to the dentist for the placement of the permanent crown.

If you wish to preserve your tooth, consider a root canal treatment. It helps reduce tooth pain brought by the infection. Moreover, your smile will also be restored as the dental crown placed on the newly treated tooth and conceal the badly discolored area.

Aiming to save your teeth from extraction? Contact us to know about Root Canal Treatment in Spokane, WA, or to schedule your appointment with Stein Family Dentistry!

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